Yoga Journey pt.1

Writing my first blog post, I kind of thought it would be another nothing lost into the World Wide Web. But as a few notification emails landed, those handful of views felt kind of exciting, like maybe I’m not alone out here you know…

I hadn’t really planned to come back for a long time yet, I just wanted to create the foundation so that one day I could build upon it, but here I am, back for more!

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In the Beginning…

So here we are, after many many years of being a vocal anti-blogger, I have succumb to my true destiny. Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic but if I look back at all my ‘anti’ campaigns, they all came, quite obviously, from a place of jealousy. If I didn’t feel able to achieve something then an impassioned negative attitude was surely necessary?

I hold my hands up, fellow bloggers, you have inspired me, amused me, interested me and taught me a lot over the years and now I am here to join you. Please forgive me for my former reluctance and judgement!

This post is the beginning of a personal journey, although intended to record my forthcoming travels to The East, I have started early to allow myself some time to find my voice. To any of you who find this blog, hello, welcome and thank you. Please join me!

Lots of love, Namaste, Marie x