Palm Leaves, Poorly Toes & Passenger

A very exciting Tuesday as far as Tuesday’s go, Mum and Me visited Kew Gardens to celebrate her birthday and then the rest of the fam and my bestest friend, her fam, also her best friend and her Mum, joined us to watch Passenger (who also happens to be the best friends boyf) play a wonderful show at Kew The Music.

A spectacularly rainy day didn’t dampen the magic and my poorly toe survived 10km of wandering! We ate well and danced until darkness before giggles on the train home making all the seats very soggy!

Mum loves all things that grow and has her own gardening business, I’m a tree hugger and succulent lover so basically we were in absolute heaven and although we had about four hours to play with, we saw about 10% of Kew Gardens, spending most of our time in the wonderful glass houses to avoid the rain. If you’re visiting and have any interest in plants / trees / learning about things then you will need a whole day and could easily fill two.

There were a couple of really pleasant surprises on the day, firstly it wasn’t that busy! What a miracle. Visiting in the week is definitely worth a day off work if you have the holiday. We were able to peruse the plants in relative peace and take selfies without interruption. There were a few school groups but most were really tiny and had matching outfits so they were totally cute anyway!

The second pleasant surprise was the vegan food on offer in the cafe! I’m sorry to say it wasn’t the most beautiful or affordable but it definitely filled a hole! Mum is vegetarian as well so we shared two vegan options – an avocado and roasted pepper baguette (which was a little squidgy, hence the addition of crisps) and vegetable soup, followed by a chocolate brownie. It was actually much nicer than my face would suggest.

Before the gig we got the bus to Richmond to grab some dinner, unfortunately getting off a couple of stops too early and getting absolutely soaked.  We decided to stop in Carluccios to get out of the rain, have a hot drink and some (very disappointing) olives, before making our way towards the centre.

We were aiming for Wholefoods but never found it and ended up in Wagamama’s. I would usually avoid chain restaurants but Mum had never had a Waga and we were short for time so this turned out to be the ideal solution and Mum loved it! Again we both ordered vegan – I love a shareseys!! We started with Vegetable Gyoza, for mains Mum had Yaki Soba and I ordered Pad Thai (N.B. Mum’s was way more flavoursome and yummy).


We made our way back to Kew to meet an already rather soggy Jeremy (My dad), Danielle (My little sister), Lou (My bestest friend), Lois (Lou’s best friend), Sally (Lou’s mum), Ian (Lou’s Dad) and Sheri (Lois’s mum). Before Passenger began we picked ourselves up another hot drink, a couple of poncho’s, some vegan churros and headed to the front!


It was an absolutely fantastic show, regardless of the weather. Lou and I stuck it out in our sandals and danced through the storm! Mike was absolutely wonderful, such a joy to see him at last and enjoy the show with all my faves.


Best bit – enjoying the great British Summer with a bunch of absolute lovelies. It takes a true Brit to stick out six hours of down pour in sandals, drink cocktails of expensive coffee mixed with rainwater, get so soaked through you can’t tell if you’ve wet yourself, wear a plastic bag with pride and still call it a flippin good time.

I wouldn’t – visit Kew with less than six hours to explore, there were a couple of things we really wanted to visit but just didn’t get time. Take plenty of snacks and allow yourself a whole day.

Top tip – Any gigs at Kew require you to put umbrellas down during the show so not worth carrying one. Another cumbersome carry is the trusty camping chair – leave it at home, why sit down when you can dance?!

Stay posted for more adventures, much love and tree hugs


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Marie Tompkins

Sporadic Traveller - Vegan Yogi - Proud Member of Narcotics Anonymous.

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