Ten Thousand Steps to Vegan Cupcakes

A reunion / celebration / pilgrimage / adventure. I’m really good at coming up with justifications to go on a weekend away (if you need any, leave me a comment). This trip had many.

The reunion of myself and my wonderful friend Charlie, a long overdue catch up in a city where we were able to make a pilgrimage to the Museum of Modern Art and say a “hello” and only a momentary “goodbye” to her friend who’s memorial tree is planted in the grounds.

This day was one of many incidences that could perhaps be described as god incidences / synchronicities / magical moments. We planned to make our pilgrimage on our first day (Saturday) and put it off due to weather, getting lost, being distracted by coffee until our last day was upon us (Monday).

It turns out, for reference, a lot of museums are closed in Ireland on a Monday. What at first felt like a total disaster, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We rode the hop-on-hop-off bus to the Museum, enjoyed a coffee in the cafe (which thankfully is open on Mondays) and then were able to sit by Jane’s tree almost undisturbed. We brought vegan cheesecake (from the best vegan restaurant in town, more below) and had a little picnic in the sunshine, Charlie tied a friendship bracelet to Jane’s tree, along with mementos left by other friends and family. It was a really special afternoon and I am very grateful to have been there.


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