How Not To Get Mugged Off In Marrakesh

Firstly, get some small change at the airport, otherwise by the time you’ve arrived at your accommodation you’ll have tipped the taxi driver, the baggage cart man, the impromptu performer, the every-single-door opener, and variety of other helpful locals around £8 each, not the 50p they were probably expecting. And you’ll need more cash, asap.

Our trip was a four day hen-do celebration, staying at Riad Chorfa, Marrakesh. We arrived to the most wonderful sunshine filled space with mint tea and roaming tortoise.

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Christmas Markets & Vegan Doughnuts

Ok so ‘recent’ trip is a little generous, Christmas was like 6 months ago but hey ho!

First things first, let’s get it out of the way, this trip was marred by fear and worry due to the Christmas Market terror attack during our trip. It was mostly fear and worry by those who were not there and who were worrying about us. It is really important to me to not let this fear (mine or others) hinder plans and dreams, living in fear is only empowering the maniacs behind such attacks.

We had a fantastic trip and only the last two days were affected, I managed to keep the incident hidden from my travelling companion (a 13 year old worrier) until we got to the airport. We got home safely and did our best not to let the insanity of a few effect our opinion and experience of the city. Our close proximity to the attack and having been enjoying the markets ourselves only made my heart feel heavier for those killed.

Now let’s talk vegan doughnuts – f*ck you terrorists!!


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